Pitmasters and Blasters BBQ Giveaway Items

All Pitmasters and Blasters BBQ attendees are automatically entered into our giveaway drawings! 

For any regulated giveaway item, all Federal and local  laws apply (must be 21 or older, have a valid pistol or ammo permit and transfer paperwork will be conducted by the donating FFL at their authorized location ONLY)


Alpha Dog Arms

Custom “EG1” Ported pistol



2x – EXPS2 Holographic Sight


Enigma Group Taining

2x/ea – 1hr & 8hr Training vouchers


American Top Team

5x – $150 Training vouchers


Tactical Police Gear

PulseFire Long Range Flame Thrower 


Tom’s Firearms

Glock 17 Gen 3


Kamil Mocet Tattoo

Credit voucher towards tattoo session


Brideport Shooting Range

Vaultech Smart Station Safe 


Shooting Sports Academy

One Year Membership


Wolfs Indoor Range

10x – 1 hr range time credit voucher


Delta Level Defense

3x Gunsmithing and Cerakote Vouchers


Target Sports USA



Southbury Trading Post

2x – $100 In-store credit vouchers


Tobacco Valley Gun

$100 In-store credit voucher + safe & smalls


The Gun Guys

2x $100 In-store credit vouchers


DJS Firearms

2x $100 In-store credit vouchers


Trompo King

2x – Trompo/Heat Glove sets


Firearms LLC

4x – $50 In-store credit vouchers



Chase Tactical Plate Carrier


Alpha Dog Arms

Pitmasters and Blasters Cutting Board / Scraper


Target Sports USA

Eagle Industries One Day Pack 500D


The Tactical Boutique

3x – 1 month memberships



4x $25 In-store credit vouchers


Fogo Charcoal

10x – 5# Premium Lump Charcoal


Alpha Dog Arms

Glock Backpack and Range Kit


Blueline Firearms

2x $25 In-store credit vouchers



3x – Branded ball caps


*** BONUS ***

Tactical Police Gear

The Tactical Police Gear Team wants to meet you! 

Every Pitmasters and Blasters BBQ attendee who finds Talla, Carla, or  Trevor at the BBQ and introduces themselves will be entered to win one of many items in a secret giveaway happening at their store, Tactical Police Gear.  This is a HUGE opportunity!! TPG and their parent company, Target Sports USA has some AMAZING giveaways.  Find them. Say hello and maybe you’ll win something awesome.